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How much talent does Kansas football return in 2015?

Kansas doesn't have much coming back from 2014, but just how bad is it in terms of production?

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

We all know what the state of Kansas football is right now. 60-some scholarship players remain on the team after Weis' failed juco strategy and attrition wreaked havoc on the roster. Recently, I looked at the Big 12 in terms of returning production, rather than simply counting returning starters, to see just how much talent was returning to each team in the conference. The results paint a dark picture for Kansas, who is coming off a 3-9 season. Below you can see what percentage of the team's 2014 passing yards, rushing yards, etc. return to play this year, along with how that percentage ranks in the Big 12.

Yikes. That's dead last in every category but rushing and passing, and even there we return less than a third of last year's production. What this means is that young and/or inexperienced players, as well as Beaty, Likens and Bowen's scheming abilities, will be put to the test early and often this year as Kansas tries to rebuild from an era that nearly left the roster in ruins. While these numbers may not tell us anything we didn't already know, seeing them stare you in the face makes it hard to muster up much optimism for the upcoming season.

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