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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes: 8.23.2015

Check me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they're gonna lock me up and throw away the key...

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Kansas Sports

Self says season should be lots of fun |
“It means ... gosh I’m getting old but I’m certainly excited about this year because I do think we could have a fun year,” Self said. “A lot of things have to happen. We still obviously have an eligibility issue we’ve got to hopefully work out. But I’m excited because that group that went to South Korea ... they played great but you could look at it potentially that we could have had four of our top eight guys not even travel. That gets me excited.”

KU volleyball, alumni meet |
Kansas University’s volleyball team swept three sets from a KU alumni squad, 25-19, 25-21, 25-21, on Saturday at Horejsi Center before coach Ray Bechard mixed the rosters to shake up the fourth set, giving the Blue squad a 25-21 victory.

Cleveland Cavaliers sign center Sasha Kaun
Kaun has a history with Cavs coach David Blatt, who coached him on the Russian national team. Kaun was on the Russian team in 2012 that won an Olympic bronze.

Bill Self: Cheick Diallo eligibility ruling could still be at least a month away |
“We’ll get an answer hopefully sooner rather than later. That will tell us what our next step needs to be as far as moving forward,” Self said Saturday night following Traditions Night at Memorial Stadium. “We certainly believe it should be a certain way, but it’s not about what we believe. It’s about what is right and what’s fair. Certainly we’ll fight hard for him.”

Professional Sports

Supermarket chain must pay Michael Jordan $8.9 million for use of name
The owner of a supermarket chain must pay Michael Jordan $8.9 million for using his name and promoting a product in an ad without his permission.

Wyndham: How Tiger Woods can qualify for the FedEx Cup Playoffs -
To ensure his spot in the Barclays next week, Woods needs to come back to win on Sunday. A win gives him 500 points, bringing his season total to 647, which would put him in the top 80 currently.

Tim Tebow misses wide-open WR for score, comes up short on run -
Let's quickly sum up Tim Tebow's career in a nutshell: he almost scored a touchdown with his feet after missing an unholy wide-open receiver in the end zone

Usain Bolt Is Back
That is, until this morning, when Bolt came from behind to beat Justin Gatlin by 0.01 seconds to win the 100m gold medal in the World Championships in Beijing. Bolt’s 9.79 wasn’t especially fast by his standards, but after Gatlin got off the blocks slow, it was enough to take the race at the death.

Other News

Little League World Series Kid Gives Up Grand Slam, Doesn't Care
Wagner, the dude who hit this shot, also led off the third inning with an inside-the-park home run, and led Pennsylvania to a four-inning blowout of Missouri. But I bet young Mekhi had more fun.

A Girl Was Bullied For Liking Star Wars, And Was Helped In The Best Way
Layla was being teased at school in Virginia for wearing an R2-D2 jacket and Guardians of the Galaxy shirt. After hearing about this, the local chapter of the 501st Legion, Garrison Tyranus decided to step in and help out: by issuing her her own set of Stormtrooper armor.

One Last Look at Dione
This week, the Cassini spacecraft made its fifth and final flyby of Dione, Saturn’s fourth-largest moon. This image, in which Saturn and its rings can be seen looming behind the moon, was captured in the leadup to the mission’s last close approach, on August 17, 2015.

WATCH: 4-year-old unleashes legendary wiffle ball bat flip -
If you want to become great at a sport, you need to start at a young age. Baseball is no exception, especially since the game is built on so many specialized skills that require a ton of repetition to refine and perfect.

Fantasy Football - Believe It or Not: Can Cam Newton still be your Fantasy starter? :
We're getting into the heart of draft season and there is one major mistake I see way too often. The last news becomes the most important news, even if it's not even really news. Speculation from a beat writer can outweigh months of critical thinking solely because it happened two days before you draft. Don't be that guy.

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