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David discusses the upcoming football season with Mark Rogers

I got the opportunity to chat with Mark Rogers of Youtube's MarkRogersTV and talk about the upcoming season

Do you have 15 minutes and an interest in Kansas football? Do you want to watch me sit awkwardly on my couch and talk into a webcam? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you're in luck! I got the opportunity to chat with college football guru and all-around good guy Mark Rogers as part of his series of team-by-team 2015 football previews. We talk about a variety of topics, ranging from the quarterback battle to inexperience at wide receiver, the overall expectations for the team and, of course, a trip down memory lane where we discuss the Mark Mangino days and how he was able to engineer a winning football program in Lawrence. You can watch below, but be sure to check out his Youtube Channel and check out the other content he has to offer.

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