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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Final Four: Bigg's BBQ vs The Roost

The 4 seed from the Anthony Collins region takes on the 10 seed from the Gilbert Brown region.

Is this for BBQ or breakfast?  Either way you can't go wrong.
Is this for BBQ or breakfast? Either way you can't go wrong.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Bigg's BBQ (4)

College basketball equivalent:  1995 Oklahoma St.

1997 Arizona works here too, but those memories still hurt too much, so let's go with another comparison.  '95 Okie St. was a talented 4 seed, with their two-headed monster of Bryant Reeves and Randy Rutherford.  The Cowboys got better as the tournament went on, taking out Tim Duncan and 1-seed Wake Forest in the Sweet Sixteen, then rolling 2-seed UMASS and Marcus Camby by 14 in the Elite Eight.  Similarly, Bigg's, no slouch going into the tournament, dusted off Mad Greek and Six Mile early, and impressively dismissed tourney favorite Burger Stand in the Elite Eight.  Plus, is there any doubt that Big Country's favorite restaurant in Lawrence would be Bigg's?

The Roost (10)

College basketball equivalent:  2010 Michigan State

Both The Roost and the Spartans had eerily similar tournament runs.  The Roost squeaked by in every round, winning their matchups with 51%, 51%, 52%, and 56% of the vote, respectively.  In 2010, Sparty advanced by 3 points, 2 points, 7 points, and 1 point on their way to Indianapolis.

On top of that, neither participant had to travel anywhere close to the toughest possible path, as each of their respective regions were littered with upsets.  The Roost only had to play the 7 seed, 15 seed, 11 seed and 16 seed.  Michigan State just had to get by the 12 seed, 4 seed, 9 seed (ugh, thanks Farokhmanesh), and 6 seed.