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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Final Four: Sandwich Bowl vs Pizza Shuttle

The 9 seed from the Rio Adams region takes on the 15 seed from the Jeff Graves region.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Sandwich Bowl (9)

College basketball equivalent:  1985 Villanova

I almost went with 2000 North Carolina here, but ultimately they were too talented and popular, having made the Final Four five times in the 90's.  When they stumbled into the final weekend again as an 8-seed in 2000, it was met with an eye-roll from every college basketball fan outside of Chapel Hill.  There was no Cinderella about it.  A blue blood, no matter their seed, is always a threat to make a tournament run.  On the other hand, at that point in 1985, Villanova had only made one Final Four since World War II.  '85 Nova took down 1-seed Michigan and the 2-seed Tar Heels out of absolutely nowhere.  Likewise, Sandwich Bowl, behind its social media army, upset heavy favorites Rudy's and Dempsey's on its way to the Final Four.

Pizza Shuttle (15)

College basketball equivalent:  2006 George Mason

Both Pizza Shuttle and George Mason started the tournament with an eye-opening upset.  Mason knocked off tournament guru Tom Izzo and Michigan State; Shuttle ruined the tournament hopes of Lawrence stalwart Free State Brewery.  Both basketball team and restaurant kept on advancing in the middle rounds, to the delight of the nation.  When both Cinderella squads were supposed to have met their match in the Elite Eight (#1 seed UCONN, massive favorite Zen Zero), they turned in their most exciting performances yet, and unexpectedly found themselves in the Final Four.