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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Final Four Set

You'll be surprised to see who made the final four, I bet!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The first-ever RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket is nearing its grand finalé, and we have eliminated all contenders except for four.  Dear readers, I offer up to you the best of the best in Lawrence KS, in no particular order:

Rio Adams Regional Champion - Sandwich Bowl

Social media darling Sandwich Bowl burned through Genovese, Slow Ride Roadhouse, Rudy's Pizza, and Dempsey's to claim their spot in the semifinals.

Jeff Graves Regional Champion - Pizza Shuttle

College student favorite Pizza Shuttle knocked out Free State Brewery, Merchants, Big Biscuit, and Zen Zero for their stake in the semifinals.

Anthony Collins Regional Champion - Bigg's BBQ

Bigg's BBQ overcame Quinton's, The Mad Greek, Six Mile Chophouse, and Burger Stand.  It's amazing what burnt ends can do.

Gilbert Brown Regional Champion - The Roost

The Roost beat out Yello Sub, Basil Leaf Cafe, Wheat State Pizza, and The Flamingo Club.

(If you're just now joining us and are wondering about the regional names, click here.)

2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Final Four

2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Final Four

Congratulations to these four establishments and good luck to them in the tournament semifinals!