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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 7.14.15

I just got back from a week-long vacation. Did I miss anything?

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- World University Games / Kansas Basketball -

GOLD! USA Defeats Germany to Win World University Games

In an epic battle of undefeated teams, the USA pulled together to beat Germany 84-77 in double overtime to win the gold medal of the 2015 World University Games (WUG) at Yeomju Indoor Gymnasium in Gwangju, Korea, Monday evening.

Gold Medal Winners Expected at Hoglund Ballpark Wednesday

The undefeated, gold medal winner of the 2015 World University Games, team USA returns home Wednesday and will be welcomed back inside Kansas' Hoglund Ballpark. Doors will open at Kansas' baseball stadium, just south of Allen Fieldhouse, at 6 p.m. (CT) with the USA, which consists primarily of University of Kansas student-athletes and staff, expected to arrive at 7 p.m.

Golden day for Kansas basketball on social media | All Eyes on KU |

From SportsCenter, to Larry Brown to Dick Vitale, various tweets popped up congratulating the Jayhawks on their summer run.

Germans lament blown opportunities in double overtime loss |

“We had some chances,” Rödl said. “We had the ball in our hands. We didn’t get a shot up (in regulation). With 20 seconds to go, we had the ball and they almost made one. We got away with it and stole the ball back. But at the end of the day, we had the ball with 20 seconds and should’ve had the last shot, and we didn’t get one.”

Jayhawks aim to carry Games success into upcoming season |

“We came over here looking at this as a stepping stone to get better for our team,” KU junior guard Wayne Selden Jr. said. “We did that. And we accomplished a gold medal, which is always a great time.

Which Jayhawks the World University Games helped the most | Tale of the Tait |

1. Wayne Selden – By far KU's best player throughout the touranment, Selden emerged as a go-to option and really showed well as a leader. He looks more determined than ever and his confidence should be sky high come October when the Jayhawks get going for real.

Bill Self would like another opportunity with USA basketball in future |

“I’ve always wanted to coach with USA basketball. Timing has never allowed me to. I learned a lot during this deal. You know, if opportunity knocks, then maybe I’ll have a chance to hopefully be able to do something in the future.”

Six players who will improve their scoring average

Wayne Selden Jr., Kansas Jayhawks - He averaged only 9.4 points per game last season. Coach Bill Self will be relying more heavily on his veteran guard. You can see his confidence rising already with great performances during the World University Games. Selden averaged nearly 20 PPG in the first five games of the tournament.

- Kansas Football -

KU coaches targeted specific type of cornerback |

“All of these corners that are coming in here, they have arms that are extremely long,” Beaty said last winter. “We want them to be able to touch the walls as they stand in this room. We want them to be hard to get around in man coverage.”

Semi-regular check of the KU football roster reveals a few changes | Tale of the Tait |

This season likely will be rough. But I continue to be impressed by this coaching staff, the direction the program is ultimately headed and, most of all, the incredible effort being put forth by the players this summer. This KU team might lack depth and it might even lack Big 12 talent, but you'd never know it from the way these guys are working. I know it sounds like you've heard that before, and you probably have. But if it's true, you can't just ignore it.

Big 12 recruiting scorecard - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Former Kansas commit S Michael Clark ended up committing to SMU last week. Though losing Clark was a disappointing, KU will continue to work to establish a pipeline at Cedar Hill High and the other talent factories in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. David Beaty has strong ties out there that will pay off in time.

Kansas Jayhawks 2015 Football Schedule Ranked Top to Bottom - Big 12 Blog - Big 12 Conference Blog

Baylor is coming off its second-straight conference championship. Watch this game if you're a Jayhawk that hates yourself.

- College Sports -

NCAA ordered to pay $46 million in Ed O'Bannon legal fees -

Last August, a federal judge ruled that the NCAA violated antitrust law by preventing football and men's basketball players for being paid for use of their names, images and likenesses. The NCAA has appealed the decision to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has yet to issue an opinion. The appellate court's decision could impact the attorney fees awarded Monday.

- Professional Sports -

Todd Frazier wins Home Run Derby with rousing finish -

What happened Monday night at Great American Ball Park changed that, particularly in the final round when hometown guy Todd Frazier of the Reds overcame Joc Pederson of the Dodgers with a climax as exhilarating as any Michael Jordan free-throw line takeoff dunk, or Larry Bird 3-point flourish (including the "money" ball).

Frazier's mad dash to victory made baseball cooler than the other sports, which isn't an easy thing to do unless you already love the sport unconditionally. Frazier's triumph has a chance to help baseball gain new fans. It made for great TV.

New Home Run Derby format a grand slam for Major League Baseball -

Some questioned using a clock during a baseball event, but it ended up breathing life into an event that badly needed to be re-invented. For years, the event has dragged on, sometimes upward of three hours or even more. Perhaps even worse, the trend in recent years became hitters taking pitch after pitch after pitch, sometimes only swinging at one of every five or six pitches.

The Home Run Derby is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience for the fans. Watching players take five pitches in a row is anything but those things. With the clock, we got significantly more swings, significantly more home runs and, yes, significantly more drama. It was action packed.

Andy Dalton booed, hits homer at MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game -

Dalton appeared along with a number of different celebrities, but our baseball spy and colleague Dayn Perry reports that Dalton was booed quite heavily when he stepped to the plate. "Dalton was booed at pregame intros and before his at bats," Perry writes. "Some cheers mixed in but mostly boos. He later hit probably the longest home run of the game."

After years of suffering, the 2015 All-Star Game has a Royal feeling -

For years, the Royals were one of the teams that usually just got a "token" All-Star. You know, every team is required to have one All-Star and sometimes teams didn't really have any worthy candidates. Through much of the 1990s and 2000s, the Royals were one of those teams.

Dallas Keuchel: 'Sabermetric people have helped me out a lot' -

Left-hander Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros says he heard what the nerds had to say, and he trusts them. Keuchel doesn't throw hard, doesn't get a lot of strikeouts, and yet he finds himself an elite pitcher in Major League Baseball. He's starting the All-Star game for the American League and, if he keeps it up and the Astros stay in the playoff hunt, he'll get a lot of votes for Cy Young and even MVP.

Sloppy USA draws against Panama, 1-1, in final Gold Cup group match -

Prior to the 55th minute of the US-Panama match on Monday night, Michael Bradley -- the USMNT's captain and central midfielder -- and the rest of the team hadn't put up a performance to remember. But the 55th minute changed that.

Keith Langford Named to USA Pan American Team

Former Kansas standout guard Keith Langford has been named one of 12 players to the 2015 U.S. Pan American Men's Basketball Team official roster which will compete in the Pan American Games, July 21-25, in Toronto, Canada, USA Basketball announced Sunday.

- Big 12 Expansion Talk -

Door more ajar for Big 12 expansion than previously thought? | CollegeFootballTalk

If you had “NO” in the “Can we make it through the summer without expansion speculation?” pool, be prepared to collect your winnings as the realignment rumor mill just might be ready to get cranked up once again.

Will Oklahoma Move to the SEC in Another Phase of the Conference Realignment Game? No - Team Speed Kills

No rumor ever dies when it comes to conference realignment. There are just dozens of zombie rumors roaming the countryside, periodically wandering into a city somewhere and causing everyone to panic. Which is how we now have another round of stories about whether Oklahoma could end up in the SEC. You can thank Colin Cowherd for this.

Oklahoma president: I like the Big 12 being 12 teams, rather than 10 -

Who would get the callup? There is not an official memo that has been lifted from a fax machine, but the same list has been thrown around for years now by just about everybody: Boise State, BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, and what have you.

Colorado State's Big XII Resume - Mountain West Connection

Colorado State finds itself among the schools being scrutinized for BIG XII expansion, but does it really fit the bill?

- Pics and Videos of the Day -

LOOK: Boise State head coach gets blue basketball court put in backyard -

Boise State is almost as famous for its blue field turf as it is for football success, so when it came time for Harsin to upgrade his house with a basketball court there was only one way to go.

10-year-old fan catches foul ball, saving dad a potential headache -

A 10-year-old Giants fan named John Pizzi and his father had great seats at AT&T Park on Sunday. First row, between the mound and home plate on the first-base side. A nice place to have a glove on you, too, and to be paying attention for foul balls.