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2015 RCT Lawrence Food Bracket: 715 vs Burrito King

(2) 715 vs (15) Burrito King

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

(2) 715

715 was always going to earn a solid seed in this bracket, but its 2 seed was secured on the back of two words.  Two words which are already strong individually, but when combined, improve exponentially:  Tuna.  Spaghetti.  My world was forever altered when I discovered that those two food items co-existed in the same time and space.


(15) Burrito King

Burrito King story, with a little preamble:  I grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, home of the Red Pepper, which was recently voted one of the best late-night eateries in the country.  When I moved to Lawrence, all I heard about was how awesome the Burrito King was at the end of a long night of drinking.  Intrigued, I stumbled over one evening after tailgating and a KU football game.  Yada yada yada, my friend and I (also from North Dakota) ended up yelling at the line of 30-40 people how overrated the place was, and literally punted our half-eaten tacos onto 9th Street.  I've given Burrito King many more chances over the years, and I'm happy to report that they are, indeed, a tremendous late-night food stop.  Sometimes expectations are hard to live up to.