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2015 RCT Lawrence Food Bracket: Biemer's BBQ vs Wayne and Larry's

(7) Biemer's BBQ vs (10) Wayne and Larry's

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

(7) Biemer's BBQ

This is a dynamite first-round matchup.  It's really a shame that someone has to go home without winning a game.  There's two kinds of BBQ in this world:  The semi-upscale kind, where you have servers and real silverware and your food is brought out to you -- Bigg's, Jack Stack, etc.  Then there's the second kind, the down-home, here's your food on a paper plate and a tray, make me want to use a piece of straw as a toothpick afterwards kind of BBQ.  I cherish that kind of BBQ too, and Biemer's does it phenomenally.


(10) Wayne and Larry's

Wayne & Larry's has a couple of my favorite menu items in town.  I'm President of the Firecracker Pasta Fan Club (spicy alfredo, chicken, cheese, jalapenos on top of penne), and the Self's Hot & Spicy Burger will definitely put some hair on your chest.  I'd rather it replace some of the hair on top of my head, or maybe shore up the connectors between my mustache and beard, but I suppose my chest will suffice.