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2015 RCT Lawrence Food Bracket: Salty Iguana vs Pickleman's

(5) Salty Iguana vs (12) Pickleman's

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

(5) Salty Iguana

I'm sure Coach Self wouldn't appreciate the fact that Salty is "only" a 5 seed, but that's why we're making this bracket, and he's coaching the men's basketball team.  If he wants to trade, he can give Salty a 1 seed and a bye all the way to the championship game, and I'll go back in time and give Andrew White III more playing time #freeandrewwhite.


(12) Pickleman's

Pickleman's probably has my favorite toasted sandwiches in town, but they're stuck with a 12 seed because they're way too small.  Flavor matters, and Pickleman's has that in droves, but it gets mitigated by the fact that I never leave satisfied.  Yello Sub fills me up; Pickleman's leaves me asking where the other half of my sandwich is.