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2015 RCT Lawrence Food Bracket: First Round: Henry T's vs Slow Ride Roadhouse

Henry T's takes on Slow Ride Roadhouse

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

(1) Henry T's

The Morris twins may have the market cornered on F.O.E., but little do they know that I have my own chest tattoo that reads H.T.B.S.O.E - that is, Henry T's Buffalo Sauce Over Everything.  Oh, and for the next person who complains that Henry T's is the number 1 overall seed, I offer up THIS for your consideration.


(16) Slow Ride Roadhouse

Slow Ride cruised past Cici's in the First Four, but might find it more difficult going up against a place that requires more than a 5 dollar bill to feed oneself for 24 hours.