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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket First Four: Legends vs El Matador

The final matchup to determine who the First Four are in the Lawrence restaurant bracket.

John Moore/Getty Images

16 - Legends

The jury is still out on Legends for me.  I've had one really good experience there, one so-so, and one not-so-great experience.  I'll keep going back.  Major bonus points for letting me add buffalo sauce to virtually everything I've ordered so far, though.


16 - El Matador

I'll ride or die for El Matador any day.  As we've already established in just a short time (and we've got a long tournament in front of us, folks), I am a fan of lunch buffets.  And El Matador -- Spanish for "The Matador" -- rolls out a great one.  My buddies and I used to frequent it as often as we could all get together on Friday afternoons, and we made a game that you had to have at least six items on your first plate, and nobody could leave until they put down at least 15 total.  Everybody's a winner in that game.