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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket First Four: Slow Ride Roadhouse vs Cici's

Our tournament begins with a First Four matchup.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

16 - Slow Ride Roadhouse

Slow Ride makes a pheeeenomenal cheeseburger, but I've only eaten there once, and I don't do well around bikers.  With my sarcastic tongue that isn't always kept in check, combined with my 7th grade 135-pound weight class-sized biceps, I feel like I always have to look over my shoulder there.


16 - Cici's Pizza

.... Well, sometimes you really feel like pizza, but you only have $4.50 in your pocket.  Sure, it's more like a feeding trough, but college kids gonna do what college kids gonna do.  At least the desserts are good.