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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket First Four: Border Bandido vs Limestone Pizza

Our tournament gets underway with the First Four.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

16 - Border Bandido

If it was entirely up to me, Border Bandido would have probably landed a much higher seed.  Alas, I was not the only member of the selection committee.  Few things make me happier than throwing down $8 for the lunch buffet and eating $43 worth of food.  I've created something called Taco Mountain.  No word yet on if they're going to add it to the menu, so I'll just keep on yelling "TACO MOUNTAIN Y'ALL!!!!" and make extended eye contact with an employee every time I load up a new plate.  A guy can dream, right?


16 - Limestone Pizza

I have no problems with Limestone Pizza.  It's a nice joint that's a perfect place for date night.  That type of pizza just isn't my steez.  Good enough to make the field, but not good enough to avoid the First Four.