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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket First Four: Flamingo vs Sandbar Subs

The tournament gets started with our First Four.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

16 - The Flamingo Club

Perhaps surprisingly, The Flamingo's Friday lunch buffet is actually legit; the fried chicken and potatoes are no joke.  And Mom, if you're reading this, I never looked up from my plate once the entire meal.  Eyes down, always.  I promise.


16 - Sandbar Subs

As for Sandbar Subs, most will probably think they deserve more than a play-in game, but I can attribute their 16 seed entirely to the fact that I struggle to get on board with Patty's Killer Dip.  It's my little cross to bear-- and that now becomes Sandbar's cross to bear, in the form of a play-in game.