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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Elite 8: Dempsey's vs Sandwich Bowl

(3) Dempsey's vs (9) The Sandwich Bowl

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

(3) Dempsey's

In a Sweet Sixteen clash of titans, Dempsey's edged out a win against 715, saving RCT from yet another story about tuna spaghetti.  Collecting 54% of the vote, they were able to take over the role of favorite in this bracket. Truffle sauce is some powerful stuff.

(9) Sandwich Bowl

Despite their preposterous idea that a hot dog is a sandwich, the Sandwich Bowl flexed their social media muscle against Rudy's in the last round, pulling in an impressive 67% of the vote.  And despite their overdeveloped sense of inclusiveness, they do make a mighty fine sandwich.

Which restaurant gets the upper hand here? Does the sandwich subset known as hamburgers have the ability to overpower the entire category from which it was spawned? If it was an egg burger versus a non-existent hot dog sandwich, then this would be an easy choice.  Either way, the winner of this matchup can make a damn fine sandwich.