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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Elite 8: The Roost vs Flamingo

(10) The Roost vs. (16) Flamingo

(16) The Flamingo Club

In the Sweet Sixteen, both these restaurants kept on doing exactly what they've been doing thus far in the tournament.  The Flamingo pulled another upset, knocking off another highly-respected Lawrence eatery with 62% of the vote.  The notches in their belt now read Johnny's, Marisco's, and Papa Keno's.

vs (10) The Roost

And once again, The Roost pulled out just enough to win, adding a 52% win over Wheat State to a pair of 51% victories in the first two rounds.  Living dangerously obviously suits this downtown breakfast joint.  Speaking of living dangerously, a couple years ago we went to The Roost for breakfast before the Oklahoma basketball game, and I convinced my buddies to go ‘Sex and the City' style with me while we talked basketball.  Drinking mimosas is like riding a moped or making out with the weird girl in class—it's a ton of fun, as long as your friends don't catch you doing it.