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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Elite 8: Bigg's BBQ vs Burger Stand

(4) Bigg's BBQ vs (2) Burger Stand

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

(4) Bigg's BBQ

Bigg's is getting stronger with every round, increasing its share of the vote in each round so far, including a fairly eye-opening 80% of the vote against Six Mile Chophouse.  Last summer my parents came down from North Dakota to visit, and my wife and I debated on bringing them into Kansas City to get some serious bbq, maybe Oklahama Joe's, or Arthur Bryant's or something.  We decided to avoid the drive and just go to Bigg's, and it was an enormous hit.  I don't think it would be possible for them to have enjoyed the meal any more, and we were thrilled that we didn't have to drive to KC in order to get them bbq that they get excited about.  The point:  native Kansans, never take your bbq options for granted.  This kind of quality and depth doesn't exist in many places in the country.

vs (2) Burger Stand

In the other half of the bracket, the Burger Stand-Terrebonne matchup lived up to the hype, as Burger Stand advanced with just 51% in a hotly contested vote the whole way.  Truly a shame that one of these places had to go home before the Final Four.  To console myself, I'm going to order an alligator po' boy and a Barnyard Bash and eat them at the same time.  Could be fun.