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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Elite 8: Zen Zero vs Pizza Shuttle

(5) Zen Zero vs (15) Pizza Shuttle

Dondi Tawatao/Getty Images

(15) Pizza Shuttle

Pizza Shuttle became the only pizza place to survive all the way to the Elite Eight, grabbing 58% of the vote from upstart Big Biscuit.  So goodbye Rudy's, Pyramid, Morningstar, Tad's, Fat Freddy's, Minsky's, Wheat State, Papa Keno's, Johnny's, and Limestone.  Pizza fans, your hopes are now in the hands of one of the late night champions of Lawrence.  Have a beer or twelve before you vote.

vs (5) Zen Zero

Zen Zero dusted West Coast Saloon in their matchup, snagging a cool 70% of the vote from the greatest softball sponsor in Lawrence.  The last remaining Asian food eatery continues to roll along strong.  How about a fond farewell for the Coast, who performed well in this tournament in reaching the Sweet Sixteen.  They may have lost their Round of 16 battle, but at least my picture will still be hanging on their wall, along with the rest of my old softball team.  Sunday Salooners forever.