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The 2015 RCT Lawrence Food Bracket

What's the best place to eat in Lawrence? Let's figure it out together, March Madness style! (Because it's ALWAYS basketball season in Lawrence!)

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We're here to determine the best place to dine in Lawrence, KS, and what better way to do so than (drumroll please) A BRACKET!

I mean, really, what else did you expect...

Anyway, our selection committee has painstakingly selected and seeded the fine establishments you will see below.  You may find your favorite place left off the list.  If so, please direct all complaints to

Ha!  No, really, this is meant to be fun and generate discussion.

First, however, the obligatory homage to Frogs O' War, the admitted inspiration for this endeavor, who encouraged us to proceed with our own.

On to the brackets!

The different regions were named after some of your most favorite Jayhawks of all-time.  If you'd like to know the inspiration behind the regional names, simply click on Anrio Adams, Jeff Graves, Anthony Collins, and Gilbert Brown.

Ok, so Graves and Brown made it mostly because they're large men.  Do we really need any another reasons?  Not to mention I met Jeff Graves at a Waffle House once.  But I've already mentioned that story around here before.

2015 Restaurant Bracket

2015 Restaurant Bracket

If you'd like to download a PDF of the full bracket,  2015 Restaurant Bracket

2015 Restaurant Bracket


Rio Adams Region

1 Henry T's vs 16 Slow Ride / 16 Cici's

8 Genovese vs 9 Sandwich Bowl

5 Salty Iguana vs 12 Pickeman's

4 Rudy's Pizza vs 13 The Wheel

6 Ten at Eldridge Hotel vs 11 Fuzzy's Taco Shop

3 Dempsey's vs 14 Mexquisito

7 Biemer's BBQ vs 10 Wayne & Larry's

2 '715' vs 15 Burrito King

Jeff Graves Region

1 23rd Street Brewery vs 16 Legends / 16 El Matador

8 West Coast Saloon vs 9 Pyramid Pizza

5 Zen Zero vs 12 Morningstar Pizza

4 Milton's vs 13 Bird Dog Bar/521

6 Wild Hog BBQ vs 11 Big Biscuit

3 La Familia vs 14 Tad's

7 Burgers by Biggs vs 10 Merchants

2 Free State Brewery vs 15 Pizza Shuttle

Anthony Collins Region

1 Jefferson's vs 16 Limestone Pizza / 16 Border Bandido

8 Six Mile Chophouse vs 9 Pachamama's

5 Mad Greek vs 12 La Tropicana

4 Bigg's BBQ vs 13 Quinton's

6 El Mezcal vs 11 Ingredient

3 Terrebonne vs 14 Tortas Jaliscos

7 El Potro vs 10 Encore Cafe

2 Burger Stand vs 15 Yokohama

Gilbert Brown Region

1 Johnny's Tavern (+West) vs 16 Sandbar Subs / 16 Flamingo

8 Marisco's vs 9 John Brown Underground

5 Papa Keno's vs 12 BurgerFi

4 La Parilla vs 13 Tryyaki

6 Paisano's vs 11 Wheat State Pizza

3 Minsky's vs 14 Fat Freddy's

7 Yello Sub vs 10 The Roost

2 Cielito Lindo vs 15 Basil Leaf

We tried to stay away from chains, but you may find a few in there.  The quadrants are entirely random and the seeding was done on an S curve.  The #1 overall seed is Henry T's.

How it will work

Each matchup will be posted individually (story-stream style to keep the Front Page clean) with a poll, so even those without SBN accounts can vote.  The First Round, Second Round, and Sweet Sixteen will each have two-day voting periods, while the Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship will be three-day voting periods.

The tournament will start on Tuesday, June 9 with the Rio Adams Region, so there's a little bit of time to work on your friends and family to get out and rock the vote!  Don't worry about seeding - vote for your favorites!  After all, a 16-seed won the Frogs O' War bracket.

The play-in matchups come your way on Friday (June 5)!  Are you ready?

Be sure to follow along on Facebook and engage the restaurants on their pages as well.

Who's over-seeded?  Who's under-seeded?  Who do you think will emerge victorious?  Feel free to discuss below.