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Cliff Alexander Not Selected in 2015 NBA Draft

After a freshman year that didn't go as planned, Alexander falls all the way out of the NBA Draft.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

After a freshman season cut short by NCAA eligibility issues, Cliff Alexander felt his best bet was to declare for the NBA Draft.  Unfortunately, 60 picks came and went, and Alexander was not among them despite spending the last 20 or so picks at #1 on Jay Bilas' "Best Available" list.

His issues with the NCAA have been well-documented at this point.  Alexander did not accomplish what he sought to in college considering that he came to KU as a top-5 recruit.  Alexander's Per-40 numbers while at KU were encouraging although his possible issues with the coaching staff are not, an issue which probably contributed to his fall.  Alexander was looked at by scouts as a project, but was also projected by nearly everyone to be taken among tonight's draftees.

Immediately after the draft, Jay Bilas said he was "surprised" that Alexander did not get drafted.

Alexander should pick up a contract of some kind soon, and will hopefully have this huge chip on his shoulder to prove himself when he does.  If nothing else motivates Cliff Alexander, perhaps this snub will.