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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Sweet 16: The Roost vs Wheat State Pizza

(10) The Roost vs. (11) Wheat State

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Roost is doing a damn fine impression of the 2012 Jayhawks right now.  They pulled 51% of the vote to sneak past Yello Sub in the first round, then another 51% to take down the Basil Leaf Café last round.  They're not dominating anybody, and barely pulling out enough to win, and yet, they find themselves in the Sweet Sixteen.  If they get to the Elite Eight and then suddenly their competitor announces that their most important food item is getting pulled from the menu, then we'll know they're officially the 2012 Kansas Jayhawks.  (Sorry for the convoluted North Carolina/Kendall Marshall comparison there.  Not my best).

Meanwhile, in one of the more fascinating 2nd round matchups for me, 11-seed Wheat State Pizza knocked off 3-seed Minsky's, 55%-45%.  I'm still riding for Minsky's, but like I mentioned pregame, most people I know absolutely love Wheat State, so the result doesn't really surprise me.