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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Sweet 16: Burger Stand vs Terrebone

(2) Burger Stand vs (3) Terrebonne

Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images

And here we have the game of the tournament so far.  Through two rounds, the only restaurant that has been as dominant as Terrebonne has been Dempsey's, as they are the only two places to score over 80% of the vote in each of their respective matchups.  Terrebonne wiped out both Tortas Jaliscos and El Mezcal; Mexico hasn't seen such undeserved aggression from America since the 1840's and President James Polk.

Burger Stand has been no slouch either, taking an average of 70% of the votes in victories over Yokohama and Encore Café.  Fresh off another win in the burger category of the Best of Lawrence competition, Burger Stand finds itself toe-to-toe with the only po' boy joint in town, in a matchup that is probably deserving of the Final Four.  I'll be disappointed if this game isn't on the level of the best Sweet Sixteen games ever - I'm thinking 2002 Indiana/Duke, 1995 Memphis/Arkansas, 1998 UCONN/Washington, etc.