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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Sweet 16: Bigg's BBQ vs Six Mile Chophouse

(4) Bigg's BBQ vs. (8) Six Mile Chophouse

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

I thought Bigg's might struggle with Mad Greek, after scraping by Quinton's while Mad Greek took two thirds of the vote from La Tropicana.  But similar to how a NCAA tourney champion usually has one close call against an inferior team before finding its groove, maybe Bigg's just had to get that game out of their system.  They turned around and handled Mad Greek with an impressive 60% of the vote in Round 2.

Up top, Six Mile ended Limestone's improbable run at one game, scoring 54% of the vote to set up the battle with Bigg's.  Leave your veggies at home.  Leave your international flavor at home.  This matchup is all about meat, wing sauce, and America (#VoteRoyals).

(Side note:  in three of the four regions, a 16 seed knocked off a 1 seed, then turned around and lost to the 8/9 seed in the next round, including here, when Limestone somehow took out Jefferson's, but couldn't muster enough votes to handle Six Mile.  You know nothing, Jon Snow.)