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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Sweet 16: Big Biscuit vs Pizza Shuttle

(11) Big Biscuit vs (15) Pizza Shuttle

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Big Biscuit pulled off a fairly stunning upset over 3 seed La Familia, in the closest vote we've had yet in the tournament- 279 votes to 277.  I happen to love Big Biscuit, but I don't know if I would have believed it if you told me before the tournament that they would make it to the Round of 16 while Milton's did not.  Meanwhile, not a single Mexican restaurant survived the first two rounds.  Como se dice "I would not have predicted that either"?

When seeding this tournament, my thought process on giving Pizza Shuttle a 15 seed was pretty straight forward.  Yeah, it's popular, and in a pinch, I've dialed 842-1212 probably a dozen times in my seven years in Lawrence.  But how much do people actually enjoy it?  It does the job, and it's cheap, and people love the cream cheese, but it's usually not anyone's first choice, right?  Ipso facto, 15 seed.  Then Pizza Shuttle rolled through Free State Brewery and Merchants on its way to the Sweet Sixteen, and it's clear that The Shuttle (no one calls it that) deserved a better seed.  I either underestimated the cream cheese factor, or I underestimated the nostalgia factor of coming home with your roommates after a long night out, ordering a Three-fer and arguing over what kind of pop will go best with the half bottle of vodka you have in the freezer, while the Pizza Shuttle employee waits patiently for you to finish yelling into the phone.