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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Sweet 16: Zen Zero vs West Coast Saloon

(5) Zen Zero vs (8) West Coast Saloon

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Milton's superb breakfast was not enough for Zen Zero's collection of Asian noodles, and a fantastic 4/5 matchup goes Zen Zero's way, 54%-46%.  Meanwhile, West Coast Saloon pulled the passenger break on the El Matador victory train, ending the 16 seed's Cinderella run with 55% of the vote, just one round after El Mat took down 23rd Street Brewery.

While we're here, my favorite West Coast Saloon memory:  Back when Ohio State came to Lawrence in 2011, my buddy and I pre-gamed at the Coast, then took the Coast's shuttle to the Fieldhouse (a fantastic option on boozy game days, FYI).  While walking to our seats, we stumbled into Jay Bilas interviewing Thad Matta, and I found myself directly in the camera view for the entire interview - which I then spent the duration of alternating between mugging for the camera, trying to look casual, and generally being an idiot.  After the game, we took the shuttle back to West Coast, and as soon as we walked in I received a shot, a beer, and a standing ovation from the patrons, as my entire "performance" was seen by everyone.