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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Sweet 16: Rudy's Pizza vs Sandwich Bowl

(4) Rudy's Pizza vs (9) Sandwich Bowl

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Sandwich Bowl has made an inspired run through two rounds, pulling an upset over Genovese in the first round, and squeaking by the Slow Ride Roadhouse spam bot in the round of 32.  (Beep bop boop I am a robot who casts online votes.)  Now they square off against Rudy's, the pizzeria that shows up on the Best-of-Lawrence lists every year and is perhaps approaching "Lawrence institution" status.  Rudy's took down Salty Iguana and their infamous Iguana Dip in the second round by scoring 71% of the vote, much to the chagrin of Bill Self, as well as my friends who think Salty is the best and were giving me an earful for only giving them a 5 seed.

So the Sandwich Bowl social media war machine rages on, but now faces their most difficult test of the tournament.  Pizza by the slice vs. sandwich by the punch card, with a spot in the Elite 8 at stake.