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Discussing KU Football Recruiting

We all know the Jayhawks aren't a powerhouse in the recruiting world. But is the Big 12 leaving KU in the dust?

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KU Football Recruiting

It has become increasingly evident that there are many different ways to build a college football program. But what exactly does it take to build a competitive football program? The Kansas Jayhawks are not a model program as far as recruiting goes. Though the program does bring in 20+ prospects a year, what exactly is the value of the prospects that commit? Is it better to pursue top talent in-state or go after recruits out of state? I will touch on college football recruiting and try to solve just exactly what might be Kansas' best plan to build a contender.


  • Pipeline States

Every school in the country has a pipeline state(s). Pipeline states are usually the state in which the school located and the surrounding states in which it borders or are close neighbors to. The Jayhawks pipeline states are Texas, Kansas and Missouri. Texas has roughly 34 prospects listed on its current roster form Texas, followed by Kansas with 18 and 7 from Missouri. Florida does have 6 prospects on the current roster but I kept them off due to location.

What I have done to see the value of prospects KU brings in is take the last four recruiting classes and crunch the numbers for the average ranking the state brought in to the university.





















  • Talent

In any sport at any level when acquiring talent it is often asked: Do you go for need, or for talent available? This question raises concerns whenever a new year begins. You ideally want to go for the best talent at the biggest needs. It often doesn't play out that way. For Kansas, I think you have to go with talent almost every time you look at someone. Often, it's a need anyways. (I look forward to and solicit your opinions on this thought.)

  • Competition

It is no secret the Jayhawks are fighting with other Big 12 schools off the field in the recruiting world. Much like on the field, Kansas does not have much success off it either.







9/10 (67)

9/10 (55)

7/10 (46)

9/10 (75)

In 2012, 2014, and 2015 the Jayhawks finished above Iowa State; in 2013 the Jayhawks finished above Texas Tech, Iowa State and Kansas State in the recruiting rankings.

  • Outlets

There are many ways to learn about recruits. Often prospective players are known from football camps held by universities or Nike or even Sometimes these camps don't always put the best against the best, but often anybody who is worth taking a look at will show up and the best will rise and be talked about via Twitter or recruiting websites. Once a year "The Opening" is held in Beaverton, Oregon, at "football heaven" (Nike HQ).  You have already seen me mention this elite camp; it's nationally televised on ESPN, and this year, Tre Bryant amongst other KU targets will be showcasing their skills.

It is not a given that a football program will hear about a prospect strictly on his performance during a season. His level of opponent does not matter much, but can be a factor. Someone may see a prospect playing on ESPN one fall Friday night and bring it to a recruiter's attention, but these days, teams usually have an eye on prospects at least two years before their senior season.

It is evident there is improvement to be made.  Coach Beaty hasn't had time to prove himself on the recruiting trail as a head coach yet, but I expect this program's fortunes to change. Patience is just the worst though.

Here's to a great season! Feel free to comment and follow on twitter @Nicky9Toes.