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2015 Restaurant Bracket Second Round: Minsky's vs Wheat State

(3) Minsky's vs. (11) Wheat State

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

(3) Minsky's vs. (11) Wheat State

Minsky's rolled through 14 seed Fat Freddy's in the first round with 74% of the vote, and now faces another pizza place, albeit a more popular one, in Wheat State.  Wheat State had its own battle with 6-seed Paisano's in the first round, advancing by just a single vote.  It's pretty tough for me to enjoy pizza more than Minsky's.  There are others in Lawrence on the same level, but I don't think there is a tier above it.

Conversely, Wheat State has always been a bit too healthy for me; if I'm going to eat pizza, I'm not worried about the degree to which it's bad for me.  Gimme the grease, gimme the unhealthy crust, gimme the extra toppings, gimme all of it.  I'll run an extra couple laps in the morning.  However, almost everyone I know adores Wheat State.  I'm excited to see how this vote turns out.