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2015 RCT Restaurant Bracket Second Round: Marisco's vs Flamingo

(8) Marisco's vs (16) Flamingo

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

(8) Marisco's

There was some heat for Marisco's being seeded so low in this tournament, and they crushed John Brown Underground with 70% of the vote in the 8/9 game.  I'll definitely acknowledge that my personal tastes resulted in some really good restaurants being seeded too low, but I stand by Marisco's as an 8.  I just don't see the appeal.  The last time I was there was for Mother's Day brunch last month, and we paid $35 a plate to mostly push my food around.  Each course sounded good on paper, but by the end of the meal, I was kinda jealous of my four-year-old nephew's breakfast that he got off the kid's menu.


(16) Flamingo

As for the Dirty Bird, there isn't much to say that wasn't said in the comments for their first round matchup, when they pulled the mammoth upset on Johnny's (SOMEHOW).  Says commenter Huskerchez:

"Things have changed at the Flamingo. It has a new look. BUT the thing that has really improved is the food. I would recommend anyone go on a Wednesday and try Steak day. Steak vegetable choice of potato, toast and all you can eat salad bar plus dessert. Only $11. I do not miss it. They have been focusing on food and are saying there will be a new menu starting in July. Much improved."

I guess that was enough to take out freaking Johnny's in the first round.  Definitely had nothing to do with the, um, scenery.