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2015 Restaurant Bracket Second Round: The Roost vs Basil Leaf

(10) The Roost vs (15) Basil Leaf

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

(10) The Roost vs (15) Basil Leaf

Here's the rare second round game between a 10 seed and a 15 seed.   Basically, it's a matchup of two Lawrence darlings that were under-seeded because they're not my style.  Basil Leaf looks like it could be ready for a Florida Gulf Coast-Dunk City type of run in this tournament.  They rolled up 73% of the vote on Cielito Lindo (y'all ain't got no love for the Nachos Deluxe?!?), while The Roost knocked off Yello Sub in one of the closest first round matchups, 51%-49%.  Not necessarily a huge upset, but I think Yello Sub just ran into a bad matchup for them.  With a different draw, I think Yello Sub wins a game or two.  After hearing how badly Basil Leaf was seeded, I'll be willing to give them another shot.  I might have been turned off a bit initially since it used to be located in a gas station.  With a new location and a bunch of people telling me it's the best Italian food in town, maybe I can be swayed.  I'm flexible.