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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Burger Stand vs Encore Cafe

(2) Burger Stand vs (10) Encore Cafe

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

(2) Burger Stand

With the rash of 1 and 2 seeds going down in the first round, the potential Sweet 16 matchup of Burger Stand and Terrebonne is suddenly a collision course of two of the favorites left in the entire bracket.  Burger Stand knocked the socks off of Yokohama in the first round, taking 74% of the 271 votes.  Have you tried the poutine fries yet?  Have you?  HAVE YOU???


(10) Encore Cafe

Then again, maybe Encore isn't a restaurant to look past, after they took 65% of 128 votes against El Potro and their complimentary chips & queso.  (You bastards!)  Darn kids and their rap music.