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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Bigg's BBQ vs Mad Greek

(4) Bigg's BBQ vs (5) Mad Greek

Adam Berry/Getty Images

(4) Bigg's BBQ

Bigg's held off Quinton's, taking 56% of the vote in their first round matchup.  Last time I ate dinner at Bigg's, I probably poured 56% of the bbq sauce in the building on my plate.  We also have a tradition of eating lunch at Bigg's every opening Thursday of the NCAA tournament, so if you ever want to meet me IRL, you know where I'll be next March 17th at 11:15am.


(5) Mad Greek

Mad Greek took nearly 2/3 of the vote against 12 seed La Tropicana in the first round, deservedly so.  The Greek could be under-seeded as a 5 in this town.  I haven't developed a taste for Greek food, but not for lack of trying.  I attempted ordering Souvlaki kabobs and chicken sharas, with a side of baba ghanoush, but it only led to way too many Wedding Crashers jokes.  46 extra long, baba ghanoush special.  However, I can say that their chicken alfredo is my favorite in town, most likely due to the mushrooms, bacon and ham that they throw in there.  Not too many dishes I can think of that are downgraded by adding shrooms, bacon and ham.