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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Merchant's Pub and Plate vs Pizza Shuttle

(10) Merchants Pub and Plate vs (15) Pizza Shuttle

Jason Davis/Getty Images

(10) Merchant's Pub and Plate

Merchants eased past Burgers by Biggs with 61% of 113 votes.  This place looks fancy - is it in the same place that Teller's used to be?  (I'm asking because I don't know.)  Merchant's claims to offer "... the widest selection of draft craft beers in Lawrence" on their 30-tap system.  I gotta say, I'm impressed.  But can I get a Coors Light?


(15) Pizza Shuttle

The Shuttle knocked off Free State Brewery (seriously, what is wrong with you people?) by taking 65% (!!!) of 455 votes.  I'm seriously at a loss for words.  I'll see if I can come up with a few more.  Hmm... well, you'll never forget their phone number if you hear a radio ad, that's for sure.  Their website is easy to find, too.  I do not see where they shared RCT on their Facebook page.  Big fail, Pizza Shuttle.  Not sure how you knocked off Free State, but enjoy the victory.