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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Big Biscuit vs La Familia

(11) Big Biscuit vs (3) La Familia

Mark Renders/Getty Images

(11) Big Biscuit

Big Biscuit snuck past Hog Wild BBQ in a low-scoring affair in the first round by a 39-31 count.  Big Biscuit has seven restaurants spread across the KC Metro, plus St. Joseph MO and Lawrence.  Don't let that turn you off, though.  Like I said in the opening round, do yourself a favor and try the cinnamon roll pancakes.  Just do it already!


(3) La Familia

La Familia, on the other hand, demolished Tad's by taking 82% of 223 votes.  Can they keep the momentum going?  Similar to El Matador, La Familia - Spanish for "The Familia" - does not have their own website, but does have a Facebook page.  Apparently tacos are always $1.  And, just for voting for them in our little competition, hungry diners were awarded with $1 off their meal on June 13.  (No idea how you proved that you voted for them, though.)