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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Zen Zero vs Milton's

(5) Zen Zero vs (4) Milton's

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

(5) Zen Zero

Zen Zero picked up a solid win in the first round, garnering 67% of the 90 total votes cast.  Zen Zero won the University Daily Kansan's "Best Asian Restaurant" award for seven straight years from 2003-2009.  Hmm.  Makes one wonder who the last six winners have been.  (Whom the last six winners have been?  Who?  Whom?  Ah, who cares.)   Anyway, if your palate is suitable for cuisine from Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, this is someplace for you to check out.


(4) Milton's

Meanwhile, Milton's handily won their first round matchup as well, getting 69% of 75 votes.  According to their website, "Milton's opened in 1997 with Community, Cuisine, and Conversation in mind."  Milton's moved to its current location at 9th and New Hampshire St in 2012.  Now since I'm not much of a coffee drinker, I've never been there, but the photos online look pretty tasty.  I may just have to try this place out someday.