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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Biemer's BBQ vs 715

(7) Biemer's BBQ vs (2) 715

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

(7) Biemer's BBQ

Biemer's took 81% of 93 total votes in their first round matchup to advance to this point.  You gotta appreciate the attitude Biemer's has:

We cook our meat fresh every single day. While our hours are listed below and we will do everything possible to maintain those hours, when the food is gone, we will close. We appreciate your business and thank you for understanding.


(2) 715

715 took 62% of 153 votes in its first round matchup against Burrito King (much to the chagrin of some commenters), and dare I say they have a tough opponent standing in the way of a Sweet 16 berth.  It's probably just me as I don't care much for "fragrant" European cheeses, but to each his own.  It looks pretty fancy for a simple Kansas boy like me... I bet it would be fun to go hang out at happy hour before a night on the town, though.