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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Salty Iguana vs Rudy's Pizza

(5) Salty Iguana vs (4) Rudy's Pizza

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

(5) Salty Iguana

Pickleman's had nothing on Iggy as Salty Iguana advanced easily through the first round, taking 78% of 144 votes.  Who knew Salty had their own food truck driving around KCMO?  I didn't!  As for me personally - I mean, Salty Iguana is OK.  It's no El Potro though (who sadly didn't make it through the first round).  The commercials are funny.  Well, I mean, sometimes.  And who hasn't sauntered into a Salty Iguana and said, "Give me a Bill Self burrito!"  I wonder if any of the coaches in the Big 12 call him "Burrito Bill" like Iggy says...


(4) Rudy's Pizza

Rudy's claims to be the "best pizza in town."  With over 40 toppings to choose from, how could you possibly go wrong?  Plus, cheesecake, are you kidding me?  How have I not been there yet?  I've gotta check this place out.  Rudy's took 62% of 98 votes in the process of advancing out of the first round.