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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Slow Ride Roadhouse vs Sandwich Bowl

(16) Slow Ride Roadhouse vs (9) Sandwich Bowl

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

(16) Slow Ride Roadhouse

Slow Ride advanced to the second round rather easily, despite facing an opponent in Henry T's who put up the second-most number of votes in the first round.  Earning 66% of 1,715 total votes, Slow Ride dismantled Henry T's on their way to an easy victory.  Slow Ride describes themselves as:

"...a tight group of people who look after each other and take care of each other."

That makes a lot of sense based on the first round voting, and is gonna make Slow Ride a tough out in this tournament.  Besides, where else can you get a Meatloaf dinner for $6 on a Monday?



Sandwich Bowl

Meanwhile, Sandwich Bowl attempted to put an end to the "Is a hot dog a sandwich" debate here at RCT by confirming on our Facebook page that yes, a hot dog is indeed a sandwich.  This may or may not earn them the votes of the RCT commentariat.  They'll need all the help they can get, however, even though they took 74% of 180 votes to advance past the first round.  Oh, and don't forget - they have ice cream!