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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: La Parilla vs Tryyaki

(4) La Parilla Bar & Restaurant vs (13) Tryyaki

(4) La Parilla Bar & Restaurant

Back in my college days, we would occasionally (read: once every month or so) frequent this fine establishment, and for a Mexican place, the food was really good. However, it appears that since they moved to the new location, things have started slipping. Most of the reviews I've read say that the food is still good (especially the rice bowls), but that since the move, the service has taken a nose dive and the overall quality is slipping too. I'm hoping this isn't true, as I have many wonderful memories of this place.

(13) Tryyaki

Want Chinese food, and really fast? This place hits the spot. Like most chain Chinese places, the food isn't really that spectacular, but the portion sizes are incredible for the price, and the food isn't half bad. If you're a college student or drunk, you probably love the place.

Whose rice will reign supreme?