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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Minsky's vs Fat Freddy's

(3) Minsky's Pizza vs (14) Fat Freddy's Pizza & Wings

(3) Minsky's Pizza

Normally "gourmet" and "pizza" don't seem to go well together, but Minsky's puts them together just right. I've not had the pleasure of attending this particular location, but in general, Minsky's is good eats at good prices. Most of the reviews I've seen tend to agree, with the majority of the complaints (especially the older ones) centered around either servies or delivery issues. And of course you add in the fact that they have a full bar as well, and it's hard to find a better place to enjoy a high quality pizza.

(14) Fat Freddy's Pizza & Wings

Take a quick look at the name, and you would think that our matchup today is pizza vs. pizza. And if that was the only thing that Fat Freddy's served, Minsky's would win, hands down. But Fat Freddy's is pizza, wings and so much more. Want a slice of pizza with some fries? Mac and Cheese bites and mozzarella sticks? Fat Freddy's has you covered for pretty much anything you could crave.

So which "pizza place" gets your vote?