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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Johnny's Tavern vs Flamingo Club

(1) Johnny's Tavern vs (16) The Flamingo Club

(1) Johnny's Tavern

Johnny's has everything you want in a sports bar: cold beer at great prices, a wide array of food that fits whatever mood you are in, and plenty of opportunities to catch your favorite game or just spend a night with some good food and good company. It's easy to see why Johnny's nabbed a 1 seed in this bracket.

(16) The Flamingo Club

The Flamingo Club had a strong showing in their opening matchup. While the entertainment options are completely different than Johnny's, the buffet is the real star of the show. And it isn't one of those boring Chinese-style buffets, either. You know, the ones where everything is exactly the same every single time you go in there. They'll try to keep the momentum going from the first round and score an early upset.

Which establishment will get your vote and the chance to move on to the next round?