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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Burger Stand vs Yokohama

(2) Burger Stand vs (15) Yokohama

Dondi Tawatao/Getty Images

(2) Burger Stand

Just about everyone reading this should know about Burger Stand.  According to their website, they've been voted the best burger in Lawrence for four years running.  All I'm gonna say is this: if you haven't tried Poutine Fries, I'm not talking to you again until you do.


(15) Yokohama

Yokohama - you've got a tall task in front of you.  I'm not a Sushi person, but I've actually been to the 23rd Street location once.  I honestly don't remember much about it.  So, one more time, here's a recent Yelp review:

I have NEVER had a bad roll from Yokohama, and I make an effort to try new rolls frequently. They have plenty of sweet rolls and spicy rolls. My personal favorite is the Orange Blossom with spicy sauce; it's the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. KU Roll is a close second. The staff is friendly too. Great place to get sushi.