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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: El Potro vs Encore Cafe

(7) El Potro vs (10) Encore Cafe

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

(7) El Potro

El Potro has three locations - Lawrence, Bonner Springs, and Paola.  I've only ever been to the Bonner Springs location, but I have no problems telling you this: it is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the entire KC Metro area.  I need to hit up the Lawrence location and see if it is just as good.  I've never had anything I didn't like there - the seafood enchiladas are amazing, the barbacoa is just as amazing, the fried tacos omigod - I could just go on and on.  Mrs. mikeville really likes that zucchini comes on her quesadillas.  The best part though?  Free queso dip with your complementary chips and salsa!  If it was up to me, El Potro would go straight to the Final Four.


(10) Encore Cafe

I'm gonna be honest, I'm so stoked for El Potro that I'm gonna have a hard time giving Encore Café an unbiased review.  Let's just go straight to Yelp.  From a recent review:

I moved to Kansas about a month ago and I have been desperately seeking Asian Fusion food. I decided to give this place a try and was not disappointed. The service was awesome, our food came out quickly and tasted fresh, and it wasn't too expensive. I will definitely come back here.