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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Terrebonne vs Tortas Jalisco

(3) Terrebonne vs (14) Tortas Jalisco

Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images

(3) Terrebonne

Ah, Terrebonne.  I had my first Terrebonne experience last fall, actually, in the hours leading up to the KU-Oklahoma State football game.  I loved it.  I believe I had the shrimp po' boy, and my it was good.  Everything that was ordered by the group I was with looked just as tasty as well.  It was messy, yummy, not ridiculously expensive - I had a good experience.  I know I'll be back.


(14) Tortas Jalisco

Another place I've not been to, Tortas Jalisco boasts on their website that they serve breakfast all day long.  Huevos rancheros, anyone?  A recent Yelp review says:

If you're going here for the first time and you're not sure what to try, the tortas are a great choice. They're just sandwiches and the bread is delicious. Also, if you're an early riser, the breakfast dishes are incredible. My favorite thing about this place overall is that simple ingredients like beans, rice, chicken and corn come together as truly delicious flavors that never disappoint. I recommend this place to everyone I know. And I've seen a few picky eaters really enjoy themselves here.