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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Biggs BBQ vs Quinton's

(4) Biggs BBQ vs (13) Quinton's

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

(4) Biggs BBQ

I love bbq.  Check that - I love Kansas City bbq.  I love burnt ends.  I love pulled pork.  I love brisket.  And I love burnt ends.  But Biggs says on their website that they are NOT Kansas City style bbq.  Ok Biggs.  Pour sauce all over the meat if you must.  But someday I will grace your doors and try your burnt ends - sans sauce, the way God intended.

From a recent Yelp review:

Good bbq. If you like KC styled BBQ just tell them to not put the sauce on before they bring it out. But they do dry rub and then just a little sauce on top to make sure they take nothing away from the flavor of the meat.


(13) Quinton's

I'm gonna let this Yelp reviewer do (almost) all of the talking:

I've lived in Lawrence for seven years and never had been here before. Glad that I stopped in tonight. The service was great and I liked the selection on the menu. The food is really good too. Above and beyond your typical bar food.  I had the chicken salad sandwich and thought it was excellent. I would definitely come back here again.

(Editor's note: Who orders a chicken salad sandwich at a bar?)