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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Mad Greek vs La Tropicana

(5) Mad Greek vs (12) La Tropicana

Adam Berry/Getty Images

(5) Mad Greek

Personally, I'm not big on Greek cuisine.  I mean, it's OK, but seriously - this is America and it's pronounced "Jye-Row."  Sheesh.  If you want a "Yer-Row," go to the bank.  (Better double check that exchange rate.)  Anyway, a recent Yelp review says:

Best gyros in the area, including KC.  Fantastic menu and very friendly staff.  Sunday brunch is excellent!  One of my favorite spots on Mass.


(12) La Tropicana

Gosh, another place I haven't been to.  Yelp reviews aren't great, but here's a recent one:

Food is decent.  Decor & Ambience is good.  Great patio, even if it is beside a railroad track.  They charge for chips & salsa and they don't like substitutions (for sides with their specials).  It's nice having decent restaurant in North Lawrence.  Staff is friendly.