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2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Six Mile Chophouse vs Pachamama's

(8) Six Mile Chophouse vs (9) Pachamama's

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

(8) Six Mile Chophouse

Six Mile Chophouse recently expanded out of Six Mile Tavern with a stated goal of serving "high end steaks" along with seafood.  I've not been by to check it out yet, but I do love me some steak.  Let's check in on a recent Yelp review:

Steaks are excellent (especially the prime rib) but a touch on the pricey side. Sides are a la carte. If you enjoy lamb I would also recommend it as well. On the bar side they run a special on Tuesdays, $25.00 for a T-bone steak with a potato and salad as a side. Otherwise the best sides in my opinion are the Lobster Mac and the Whipped Cauliflower, both of which you must try. Looking for a lighter dish? Try either the Prime Rib Sliders or Chicken salad pita.


(9) Pachamama's

RIP Pachamama's, which actually closed after Valentine's Day 2015 (fail by the selection committee).  From the final Yelp review:

Sadly this fine restaurant has announced that it will close after Valentine's Day.  I wonder whether the future would have gone better for Pachamama's if it had remained at its former location in West Lawrence.  That dining room was unique and is now available only for special events.