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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Jefferson's vs Limestone Pizza

(1) Jefferson's vs (16) Limestone Pizza

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

(1) Jefferson's

I've only been to the newest Jefferson's in Olathe, but I've enjoyed every trip there.  Plus, Ben Heeney is a big fan so there's a good endorsement there.  The wings are good, but I would advise against going "double dipped."   Personally, I love the corn nuggets.  Also, fried mac n cheese... dipped in a little bit of ranch (seriously, try it), and enjoy heaven, my friends.  Also, if you ever have a hankering for oysters (or just need to get your old lady in the mood), they have all kinds - raw, baked, steamed, whatevs.


(16) Limestone Pizza

As for Limestone, they survived the First Four round.  The online menu actually looks pretty good, but since this is a place I've not been to, let's check in with Yelp.  A portion of a recent review says:

Easy seating and brick oven pizza.  Got a Margherita  and got to sit at the bar and watch it be made.  All fresh ingredients and fun to watch 'em bake it.  Very comfortable seating and lots of natural light.  Great beer selection and fast/friendly service.  Would highly recommend.