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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Burgers by Biggs vs Merchants

(7) Burgers by Biggs vs (10) Merchants

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

(7) Burgers by Biggs

I already loved Bigg's BBQ, and then they opened up a burger joint in the old Smashburger -- so even if Bigg's wouldn't have been any good, it would have at least been a case of addition by subtraction.  The Farmer Burger, if you can battle through the post-meal coma, is incredible.  I'm fairly certain that every time I crush a burger with two patties, bacon, ham, a fried egg, and a ton of cheese, I'm taking at least six months off my life...but what the hell, nobody wants the years at the end anyway, amirite?


(10) Merchants

I've only been to Merchants once, and had crab cakes (THAT'S WHAT MARYLAND DOES!!!) and the Mac & Cheesemonger, which was pretty decent.  They do have rabbit on the menu, which I didn't know quite what to think about.  It did make me wish that our server's name was George, so I could ask him to tell me about the rabbits.